Oram's Donuts





We offer Oram's Donuts every  Saturday.  THE BEST WAY TO SNAG A BOX IS TO PRE-ORDER.

They must be pre-ordered by the half dozen or dozen.   We do have extras the morning of, but it is first come first serve and no calling the shop to reserve them.  

Online ordering is done at www.reggiesontherun.com .   Pre-order starts Tuesday at 2pm.


If you have a question, please read the FAQ below before calling.  It is most likely answered!


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I order?  Orders are taken online at www.reggiesontherun.com  or in person at the cafe.  Orders are not accepted via email or by phone.  Do not call Oram's to order.  If you are picking up at Reginald's, you have to order through us.  

2.  When can I order?    You can order in the store at anytime.  The online pre-order starts Tuesday at 2pm and the cutoff is Friday at 4pm.

3.  Why don't I see the donuts on your website?  The donuts will not show up on the website until ordering goes live on Tuesday at 2pm.

4.  Can I specify which donuts I want?  Right now, no.  We have to stick to the pre-designed options that Oram's is baking.  This helps keep everything more simple during COVID limitations and helps more people be able to get their donuts!

5.  Will you deliver donuts?  Nope, sorry!  Donuts are available for pickup at the shop only.  

6.  What time can I pick them up?  You can pickup anytime between 8am - 2pm on Saturday.  

7.  My order confirmation has a weird pickup time, do I have to wait until then to pick them up?  NO!  IGNORE IT.  Come anytime between 8am - 2pm.  They will be ready for you.  

8.  Where do I pick them up?  We have a designated donut pickup door that is staffed (on your immediately left when you walk in from the outside).  If you are not ordering any drinks, you can go straight there to be in and out super quick.  If you are ordering drinks, please get in line at the cafe, get your drinks, then grab your donuts on your way out.  

9.  Do you have any extras that I can pickup without pre-ordering?   Yes, we order extra but we sell out very fast.  The only way to guarantee your donuts is to pre-order.   Pre-order is also a great way to avoid Saturday morning panic and a long line.