Oram's Donuts




We offer Oram's Donuts every Friday and Saturday.  MUST PRE ORDER.

They must be pre-ordered by the half dozen or dozen.  They are NOT available to order the day of.

All ordering is done at www.reggiesontherun.com .  


If you have a question, please read the FAQ below before calling.  It is most likely answered!


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I order?  Orders are taken online only at www.reggiesontherun.com.  Orders are not accepted via email or by phone.  Do not call Oram's to order.  If you are picking up at Reginald's, you have to order through us.  

2.  When can I order?    If you want to pickup on Friday, you can order between Wednesday at 4pm and Thursday at 4pm.  If you want to pickup on Saturday, you can order between Thursday at 4pm and Friday at 4pm.  We may sell out before the order cut off, so we suggest getting the orders in earlier. 

3.  Why don't I see the donuts on your website?  The donuts will not show up on the website until ordering goes live at the times mentioned in the question #2.

4.  Can I specify which donuts I want?  Right now, no.  We have to stick to the pre-designed options that Oram's is baking.  This helps keep everything more simple during COVID limitations and helps more people be able to get their donuts!

5.  Will you deliver donuts?  Nope, sorry!  Donuts are available for pickup at the shop only.  

6.  What time can I pick them up?  You can pickup anytime between 7am and 2pm on Friday.  8am - 2pm on Saturday.

7.  Do you have any extras that I can pickup without pre-ordering?  No!  So make sure that you get your order in.  


2600 South Park Rd.

Bethel Park, PA 15102

Mon             Closed

Tues - Fri    7am - 2pm

Sat - Sun     8am - 2pm


Tel: 412-831-3729

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