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Reginald's Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster with a cafe in a historic landmark in the heart of Bethel Park (30 minutes south of Pittsburgh).  We're a local husband-and-wife team, and our story started with a passion for 3 things—coffee, dogs, and old buildings—and one simple question: can the suburbs be cool?  So, we got to work.  We found space in an old schoolhouse, designed a cafe centered around the history of the building, named it after our dog, started roasting some of the best beans you can get, hired some of the best people you can find, and then right here in the 'burbs began serving coffee to some of the coolest people anyone could ever meet: you.  

And, yes, you heard that right: we named our cafe after our dog, Reginald (or Reggie, to his friends). Not just any dog, but our best pal. Our coffee muse, with fur the shade of a perfectly dialed in shot of 'spro. He's smaller than he looks: only 35 pounds. So, when you meet him in person, don't tell him you thought he was bigger. It might hurt his feelings, because his heart is the size of the moon.

We small batch roast and brew the highest quality beans, responsibly sourced from farms all around the world.  Fancy coffee doesn't have to feel fancy.  We encourage our customers to ask questions and learn about coffee in a comfortable place.

In the cafe, we've become known for our friendly team and our seasonal drink menus that push the boundaries on traditional flavors that you might be used to.  Habanero Honey Latte, anyone?  If you know, you know.   

We might be the first person you see in the morning, and we don't take that responsibility lightly.  Friendly faces, a drink made with love, and good tunes await you.  We would be honored to be a little part of your day, so please come say hi.  We can't wait to meet you. 



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