Reginald's is a specialty coffee roaster with a retail shop in a historic landmark right in the heart of Bethel Park (30 minutes south of Pittsburgh).  Our story starts with a passion for 3 things: coffee, dogs, and old buildings.  Matt (the husband and engineer) turned his hobby of home roasting into a business venture with his partner and wife Julie (the designer).  We small batch roast and brew the highest quality beans, responsibly sourced from farms all around the world.  We are careful with our drinks and put a little extra love into everyone that we make, staying true to the the traditional recipes that highlight the natural flavors of the beans that we roast.  We encourage our customers to ask questions and learn about coffee in a comfortable place.  Coffee is about community – it’s about meeting up with a friend, running into your neighbor, grabbing a drink on the way to playground with the kiddos, or having a place to sit with your best friend (aka your dog).  We promise to put our heart into your coffee and we promise to do our part to bring cool things to the suburbs. We would be honored to be a little part of your day.   

Come say hi, we can't wait to meet you

- Matt and Julie

p.s.  Reginald is our dog (we know you were wondering).  And an honorable mention to Lulu - his big sister who would rather be running in the woods than sipping a coffee.

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